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Once Upon A Time... In My Heart

Once Upon A Time... In My Heart
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Fate confronts Fahsai, the heroine of this story, and a man named Daniel Wong. He was wounded in the shootout and needed help, and the heroine gave him lodging. After spending a week with her , the heroine begins to trust him, despite the fact that she doesn't know anything about him other than the name and the fact that he speaks Thai. In their last day together, Daniel catches a gang of yakuza. the heroes manage to escape a crowd of people celebrating the New Year. Under the noise of the crowd, leading the countdown, he gently kisses her and said before leaving last words: "I'll take your heart with me." He disappeared, knowing that he had left her in safe place. of months later, Daniel Fahsai met in Thailand, but as a private businessman - kun Dansuana. Only Lola magazine gets an opportunity to interview this young novice businessman, the object of desire of many women. However, the hero puts one condition - who can interview with him only Fahsai. The heroine resists this, but disobey the order of the chief, she can't. How could she not be mad at him? After Daniel disappeared that night and doesn't remind himself of these two months. During the interview, Daniel apologizes for that then left her and explains that all this time he was looking for her. He also insists that Fahsai called him as before, and if she really forgotten him, he gladly remind the sweet moment in Japan. The sudden appearance of Daniel make fahsai puzzling, but at the same time made her incredibly happy. During this time, he has not lost the influence on her - her face still red when he's close, and the heart beats like a drum. But at the same time his return complicates her life. Fahsai boyfriend with whom she broke up to discover that the other women is pregnant from him, and then sends the heroine to the office and bouquets at every opportunity trying to apologize. Nukvan, the mother of his unborn child, hates and jealous of Fahsai, one day she even hired men to rape her in the bar, but Daniel just comes in and announces to all that Fahsai - his woman. Learning in the Hong Kong mafia boss there, the people quickly hide and Daniel puts on Fahsai bracelet with dragon, the symbol of his gang, and forbids him to shoot. He also admits his feelings and announces that from now on it - his woman, she agreed with it or not. The next day, the heroine finds herself the object of gossip, after all the efforts Nukvan, who recorded a video in the bar, it became known about the relationship with the mafia And, even worse, the video falls into Chenminga hands , capo Silver tiger opponent Daniel. Chenming kidnaped her father and tells her that she stole from Daniel notebook and handed it to him, otherwise he would kill her parents. Before Fahsao gets difficult choice - to tell Daniel and get his defense, or follow orders Chenminga. In addition, she doesn't know whether it will help her, because she doesn't even know his real name. So Fahsai is in the midst of war, the two clans: Silver tiger against the Golden Dragon. As the fate of fahsai and her family? And whether it will be able to survive as a female mafia?

Title Once Upon A Time... In My Heart
Subtitle Available france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
First Air Date 28 Jul 2016
Last Air Date 13 Dec 2017
Genres Action , Drama , Romance,
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Networks Channel 7
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Episode List

Season Episode Episode Title Release Date Download Link
1 1 Episode 01 28 Jul 2016 Download Link
1 2 Episode 02 03 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 3 Episode 03 04 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 4 Episode 04 10 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 5 Episode 05 11 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 6 Episode 06 17 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 7 Episode 07 18 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 8 Episode 08 24 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 9 Episode 09 25 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 10 Episode 10 31 Aug 2016 Download Link
1 11 Episode 11 01 Sep 2016 Download Link
1 12 Episode 12 07 Sep 2016 Download Link